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Friday, September 2, 2016

Cozy Cabin Stonework - The End Is In Sight

I finished putting the stone around the cabin today

Here is an shot of the entire length of the cabin.

This is where I left off yesterday and picked up today, near the fireplace in the bedroom (to the left)

These are the blocks that the Paper Clay product comes in.

This shows the back porch off the living room.

Here is a shot of the fireplace in the bedroom.

Here is the fireplace in the living room.

This next week I am going to experiment with different color combinations of paint for the rocks and grout.


  1. The paper clay looks like it is easy to use and you have really put it to good work on your cabin. I'm looking forward to seeing the difference painting them will make.


  2. Hello Troy,
    It is looking beautiful and incredibly realistic. The stonework really worked out well and the woodwork is gorg4eous.
    big hug

  3. I love this cabin! So many creative and perfectly suited details! I am not kidding when I say that I wish I could shrink myself down and enjoy just "being" there! :O)