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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Few "New" Things & A Little More Progress

I was able to get a few more rocks glued on the cabin bedroom fireplace this week.
The area under the fireplace holds the power strip for the lights.   I am going to stack some chopped firewood on the flat area next to the fireplace.

Here is a view of the inside of the fireplace

I found these vintage rugs at an estate sale last week. I think they are wool.  Most items at the sale were from the 1950's -1960's so I assume these were too - Maybe from Mexico?

 I came across this set of brass miniatures at a flea market 

 I found these small "gold" frames at another estate sale.  
I thought they might look good in my Victorian house.

I have had this display case for a few years.  It was housing some extra Tootsie miniatures that I have.  I decided to keep some of the accessories in it until I decide which house to use them in!


  1. The rug looks like it will tie in beautifully with the decor for your cabin. Meanwhile the rocks are looking good, I especially like the area alloted for the chopped firewood, an essential feature for any cabin in the woods!


  2. Hi Troy! All your Rock work is looking Great! It really has that substantial "heavy" look to it! (I hope it is not actually so heavy!) And as usual, you have found some great treasures in your hunting forays! Those carpets are lovely as are the brass minis! I look forward to seeing this cabin with it's accessories!

  3. Las rocas van encajando perfectamente,las alfombras son preciosas y muy adecuadas!!
    Has encontrado unas miniaturas preciosas en el mercado de pulgas!!

  4. Hello troy,
    Your stonework is really fantastic. The area for the firewood is a great idea! I love the carpets! You always manage to find the most amazing items at sales!
    Big hug

  5. Hi, Troy - All the fireplace and chimney stones look great! This cabin just gets better and better - and those gorgeous rugs will make it better still. They're beautiful, and will fit in perfectly. How do you manage to find all the treasures that you've shown from estate sales? You must have a practiced (maybe magnetic?) eye. I love the Victorian frames - just right for your Victorian house.