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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rock On

I finished installing the rocks on the front porch and started putting them around the base of the cabin.  The purpose is two-fold:  To hide the base and to raise the cabin up a little and it looks cool!

I had built a 1" tall frame when I built the cabin.  The kit originally came with a sheet of wood paneling for a base, but I needed something more substantial.  I have also run much of the electrical wires in the base.  I re-posted some sketches from an older post showing how I altered the kit.

I have since added a small bathroom to the up stairs bedroom.
Click HERE for that post.

 The next project is the fireplace on the other side of the cabin.  This room was originally supposed to be the kitchen, but I am using it for the master bedroom.

This room is smaller so the I am going to make the fireplace smaller too.
I love the knots in the pine floor.

Here is an old sketch from a previous post showing my plans for the light fixture.  I have decided not to run the rocks up past the mantel in the bedroom.

This was the original fireplace template that I cut from cardboard, but it still feels too big for the space.  I will try some others until I get the right scale.


  1. Thank You Troy for posting the sketches of your log cabin. Being a new follower, it has allowed me to see the transitions and modifications you have made to this kit and I LOVE the changes you've made! Reclaiming that open space from the original plan makes perfect sense, and I like the way that you have shuffled the rooms around.
    The rock foundation is such a good move as it ties in with the fireplace and really grounds your cabin so that it looks solid and one with the forest surrounding it.
    I look forward to seeing the new chandelier installed and of course, what you will do for the fireplace in the Master Bedroom; all Very Interesting and Exciting! :D


  2. Hello Troy,
    Those are some great sketches. the foundation stone looks terrific and is just perfect for this amazing cabin. I can't wait to see the second fireplace take shape.
    big hug

  3. I like your rock work very much, I cant wait to see the finished cabin :)

    Marisa :)

  4. Hi, Troy - The cabin is coming along beautifully. Your sketches are so helpful in seeing what changes you've made in the original floor plan. It was a great idea to make better use of that open breezeway; your new room arrangements are an improvement. The stone base definitely lends a solid, rustic feel to the cabin, and it works so well to create a connection between the porch and the chimney. Looks wonderful!