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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Tynietoy Collection

Tynietoy furniture was first produced in the 1920's to help educate.  Each piece was modeled after famous pieces of furniture and styles.  The furniture was produced in Rhode Island and as production grew, the owners of the company enlisted the students of the Rhode Island school of design to help hand paint each piece.  My long term goal is to find out information about each piece, its proper name, dimensions and part number. (any help would be appreciated) and post it under each piece.

Click on the picture for a larger, detailed view.

This mirror is my most recent purchase - it was an Ebay find.  I like the fact that it still has the tag on the back and the two small nails that hold the wire to hang it with.


My Tynietoy collection currently resides in the Crescent Moon Cottage

I came across a great old house with some Tynietoy furniture at: