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Friday, October 25, 2013

Toy & Miniature Museum of Kansas City - Part 3 - Miniature Dollhouses & Room Boxes

One section of the museum contained a series of miniature dollhouses.  The furniture cabinets were constructed at 1" = 1'-0" ( except for one inset down below) and the dollhouses are are 1:48 inside each piece of furniture.

The following house was built at 1:48 scale.  I can't even describe the amount of detail.  My wife pointed out the tiny display items on the shelves inside the house.

Here are a few of the many room boxes, they were also at 1"=1'-0" scale

This art deco jewelry store was on the cover of Miniature Collector not to long ago - it was even more impressive in person.  This spectacular display was commissioned to commemorate the museum's 30th Anniversary and was created by Susan Rogers and Kevin Mulvany 

The murals on the walls of this room were great.

My favorite room box was this very detailed architect's studio space.  There was also a video interview of the artist that created it.  He created every last detail from the sprinkler heads on the fire sprinkler system down to the trash and waste paper baskets.
There was an elaborate pulley system for the window shade on the sky light.

The architects office room box was two-sided.  The back wall of the studio was made to look like a giant old steel frame window and skylight.


  1. All of these are so exquisite. Thank you for sharing the photos of your trip to the Museum. Must be an amazing place to see for real.

  2. I REALLY have to get to this museum! Thanks for the tour, Troy.

  3. Wat een juweeltjes laat je ons zien.
    Geweldig bedankt voor het delen.

    xxx conny

  4. Wow! I am stunned! Those dollhouse "dollhouses" are Fantastic!!!! Just unbelievable!!! I recognized several famous houses in their miniature version!!! My Tree House is in 1:48 (sort of, LOL!) scale... I try to make the furnishings right... but the scale is always off... things I make don't have the delicacy or precision I wish they did! But they are Tiny!
    This museum is now on my Wish list for places to visit! Thank you for sharing so much of it!

  5. Wow, each one is incredible!

  6. OMG this almost too much! I can't take it in all a once. I will have to come back a few more times...overwhelming! Thanks :-)

  7. wow..all I can say is so much for sharing your photos :)