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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Frank Lloyd Wright Furniture

There is a brightly colored display that caught my eye at the Tulsa Airport with some Frank Lloyd Wright designed furniture from a local building. It is part of a UNESCO display, a worldwide organization that has nearly 1,000 cultural and natural heritage sites around the world. 

The furniture is part of Frank Lloyd Wright's only skyscraper that was actually built, which is about an hour north of my house here in Oklahoma - It was originally called Price Tower but is now called Price Tower Arts Center.  The project was realized in 1952, but the building and designs are said to date much earlier than that.

The chair has kind of a 'Star Trek' feel to me.  I do like the color palette with the aqua blue and the muted shades of red.  The hexagon shaped cushions make more sense when you look at the floor plan of the building which is a series of overlapping parallelograms.

The ottoman almost feels like it could be from almost anywhere in the world. It is made from copper and was designed to for an outdoor eating area.

The building was originally an office building for Harold C Price and also had apartments.  I toured the building several years ago when it was vacant. The original concept for the building was that of a tree, with a sturdy concrete "trunk" in the middle and slender leaves and branches that cantilever from there.  Today it is a vibrant destination art center/boutique hotel.   The exterior image above is from a post card and  I found the floor plan below, was on the internet.


  1. El diseño del edificio es muy llamativo y el mobiliario es perfecto para ese estilo tan actual,los colores me encantan!!! Gracias por toda la información.

  2. Hey Troy, I like the lines and the colours of the furniture. Big fan of the Frank Lloyd Wright Lego! It's a good thing we have UNESCO to preserve the cultural treasures. The building itself reminded me of a building called "Radio Kootwijk". It's also on the UNESCO list. I saw this building a few months ago and it looked like something from a SF movie, Mr. Wrights Fallingwater building would make an amazing mini!
    Gr, AM

  3. Hi Troy! Very interesting post. I would love to see the building in person. Being from Phoenix, when I was young was a great advantage. His influence is quite widespread in the area. I had the honor to meet him when I was a freshman in high school. I had no idea,at the time that he was a great architect. He was a real showman. I am now proud to say that I shook his hand. he had just designed a new state capitol building for AZ and was trying to get the powers that be to build it.... Unfortunately they were too short sited to take him up on it! Not very smart on their part!

  4. Hi Troy, I'm a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright --so thanks for the post! I was not aware of this particular building. Glad to hear it has survived and is being utilized in a new capacity.