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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Humble Beginnings

Just a quick update on the new studio space.  The lumber was delivered yesterday and the contractors are supposed to start today.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.  I had a wonderful weekend with the family on a weekend trip to Kansas City, including a trip the miniature museum there and a really great Victorian mansion tour.  I will post those pics later in the week.


  1. I am SO jealous of your studio space! I live in a tiny apartment and have no space, and when I do work I have to clean it up right after! Hope to build something in a backyard one day too! enjoy!

  2. YAY! They're starting! Hope all goes well --I remember the anxiety having the back end of my house opened up like a can --it's very nerve-racking...

  3. Dear Troy,
    Your own studio at your house !! Wow that's a dream. Have fun and good weather during building.
    I'm looking forward to your pictures especially your Victorian tour.
    Hugs Dorien

  4. wow, im so jealous I cant wait to see it finished

  5. How absolutely grand to have your studio build just for you!