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Thursday, September 26, 2013

A New Place To Call Home

My collection has patiently been waiting in the garage - the houses are all vacant and everything is boxed up.  We had a pretty mild summer, so I am hoping everything has survived the heat and humidity!  I have come across a few items at estate sales that I purchases and have been storing in the cabin.  I will post those photos another day.

Here is another before photo of the space.  This is looking at the existing small front window.  The space is great and has a vaulted 12' ceiling.

This is standing by the window looking towards the back of the house.  I added some text bubbles to show the new dormer location and the new storage closet location.

This view is also looking towards the back of the house.  The area behind the pink insulation houses the stairwell.

I came across this couch from a co-worker, I like the hounds tooth fabric.  It may set a black & white kind of theme for the space?  The couch is also a queen size hide-a-bed, so that we can also use the  space as a quest bedroom. 


  1. Your new space is going to be great! That couch would fetch a LOT of money here in Alabama. Everyone here (except me) is crazy for hounds tooth!

  2. it's going to be wonderful when you get finished with it

  3. I bet you're just chomping at the bit for the construction crew to arrive! With the new dormer, that is going to be an awesome, new space.