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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chateau Antoinette

I came across a great article in a British publication today about a British couple Kevin Mulvany and Susie Rogers, who have built what is expected to be the most expensive dollhouse ever built.  It looks pretty amazing.

Mulvany and Rogers
Read more about the commission: Here

For more information on the couple and other projects, click on the website:  Here


  1. Hi Troy! Thanks for posting this article --great to see what M&R have been up to lately. Their book, Magnificent Miniatures, has been my bible!

  2. very impressive! although there have been several antique dolls houses that have sold for well into the six figures and colleen moore's fairy castle cost $500,000 in the 1920s (adjust that for inflation!), so it is far away from the most expensive dolls house.

  3. Hi Troy,

    They always do the most amazing houses. I love seeing their stuff but I think they have overdone the putting of real-life objects in their miniatures. I think it detracts, but anyway they want to show us what they have done--I am ready to see it.

  4. es un gran trabajo realmente, pero también he visto otros de diferentes artistas que por sus detalles me impresionaron mas, este quizás por la utilización de materiales de calidad, dicen en el articulo que lleva oro, plata, y otros materiales parecidos, eleve el precio.
    un abrazo

    is a really great job, but I've also seen other artists of different detail that impressed me most, that perhaps the use of quality materials, they say in the article named gold, silver, and other similar materials, raise the price .
    a hug

  5. Hello Troy,
    Thank's for putting up this post. I am a huge fan of Mulvany and Rogers and always love seeing more of their work.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  6. Hi Troy, I always Drool over their work! They are so Inspiring! Thanks for this link! (Someday Maybe I will build a Palace Dollhouse....!)

  7. I took a Masterclass with them last month at their lovely home, and we got to see their latest commission. They are both super nice and looked after us so well, and I came away with a Georgian Room Box I am really pleased with.

  8. Wow, their work is gorgious, thanks for the link.

  9. The big question is if the client has a door large enough for this to go through.

  10. Troy - I had the great luck of seeing Mulvany & Rogers work at The Kentucky Gateway Museum - Spencer House, it is AMAZING! I will be glad you loan you their book some time! Ellen, Tulsa

  11. That is truly amazing! And that must be one of the funniest jobs in the world! :)

  12. Wonderful! I change mijbil`s idea about the job: You must have the Coolest job in the world!