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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pedal Cars and Trikes

I found some Hallmark Christmas ornaments that are about 1"=1'-0" scale at an estate sale the other day.  I have had the trike for a while, but I picked up the fire engine and the blue coupe.  ( sidenote - if any of you collect Hallmark ornaments, this estate sale is a collectors dream.  There are literally dozens of boxes and crates full of ornaments.  I don't have a feel for which ones were valuable or not, but if any of you need one let me know!)

 The firetruck is very detailed and modeled after an original pedal car.  I like the bell that is mounted to the front.

Here is a pic online of the real thing that has been restored - a 1940's Deluxe Fire Engine.  The real one has a lot of chrome!

 The blue coupe kind of reminds me of a character from Cars.  The body had great detail.

I looked for a picture of the real car this was modeled after and found this one.

 The trike has a tiny bell on the handlebars and springs under the seat.  I love how they combined a wagon and trike into one.

 These should be great accessories in my 1940's Strombecker House.  
So long for now !


  1. Que fantastica coleccion, son una verdadera maravilla.
    besitos ascension

  2. One of my first memories is getting that firetruck (1960's version) for my fourth birthday...thanks for sharing, Troy!

  3. How cute! I had a pedal fire truck when I was a kid. Great memories! :D

  4. Love that blue one. Cute around Christmas trees for holiday scenes. CM

  5. Hello Troy,

    I wish I had your talent for finding such great pieces. They are all beautiful. From your post I have to say I am very impressed by your collection.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. A beautiful collection.
    Bye Faby

  7. What a great collection. I have been trying to collection the Bugs Bunny Hallmark Christmas ornaments -- have you run across any in your searches?

    blog at

  8. Hello Troy,
    Thank you for following my blog. Now I'm curious so I'm going to follow you also. I like the wonderful collection you have. I just started my first doll house so I'm struggling with all those little things....;-)
    I like to hear from you.
    Dutch greetings and have a wonderful Eastern weekend !