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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

St. Louis City Museum

After Union Station we spent part of a day at the St. Louis City Museum. Every turn offers a new adventure in this place.  There is so much to take in, to see and to do.  I went a little crazy with the photos - enjoy!
 This model of a city has a great model train.  The large metal "cage" is part of a huge system of tubes for visitors to climb around and experience the museum.

 The museum is an old 10 story shoe factory that has been re-purposed as a giant playground for both youngsters and adults.  Every turn and room is a new adventure.  Slides, tunnels and lots of salvaged pieces.  
 Here is a view from the lobby. 
 The columns in the lobby are covered with gears and glass marbles.  They were very beautiful.
 Outside, the parking lot is surrounded by a giant concrete and steel "snake" fence.
 Here is a closer view of the snake

The adventure and tubes and slides continue outside - notice the real fire engine and the school bus on the roof!

 This column reminded me of Kathi at Beautiful Mini Blessings
- it was covered in a mosaic made from real sea shells.

 This facade was salvaged from a building and rebuilt as the entrance to the temporary exhibits.
 I liked this stonework salvaged from another building.
 This wall was covered entirely of old newspaper printing press plates.
 The bathroom walls on the first level were constructed out of stainless steel buffet pans.

 This was part of the gift shop - it too was constructed with salvaged pieces.
 The aquarium had life size fantasy see creatures, more tunnels and a great ceiling covered in strips of fabric.
 Some of the tile mosaics were really creative
 Part of the museum had this old cabin which had been re-located from a farm outside of town.
 The cabin now serves as a milkshake bar!  I liked the diagonal patterns in the chinking.
 More cool tile work
 There was a huge vault and safe deposit boxes that had been salvaged from a local bank.
My wife was reminded of her childhood and the Big Boy Restaurant chain.  I joked that I was her other "Big Boy"
  It really makes you feel like a kid again.  Which we all need once and a while.  I suspect that is part of the reason we escape to our miniatures too.


  1. What a cool place, Troy! I wanna go!

    My friend Kurt went as Big Boy for Halloween one year, complete with gi-normous, papier-mache hamburger. It was awesome --though his arm hurt like hell from holding up the burger all night long!

  2. Es un mueso encantador, me ha gustado mucho. Gracias por compartir con nosotros tu visita!! Un abrazo enorme!

  3. You're right Troy, I really love the sea shell mosaic. I've seen entire homes covered with cochina shells. Driveways too. Each shell looks like a perfect butterfly when opened carefully. They are plentiful on the beaches in Florida.
    Food for the sea gulls and sandpipers too.

    Thanks for sharing your visit to the museum. It looks like a wonderful place!

  4. It looks like a Steampunk's dream come true! I would love to visit one day.