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Monday, March 5, 2012

Cut A Rug - Part 1

I had the opportunity to borrow a friend's camera, so I thought I would see how it did on some of the rugs in my miniature collection.

I have collected quite a few rugs over the years.  Some new, some very old, some printed on paper and some are just cut out of magazines.  All shapes and sizes.

This hooked rug resides in the blue bedroom in my Crescent Moon Cottage with my Tynietoy collection.  It measures 3" X 4"
Crescent Moon Cottage

This is an authentic Tynietoy rug and resides in the pink bedroom in my  Crescent Moon Cottage with my Tynietoy collection.  It measures 7" X 8" including the fringe. 

This blue and red silk rug is a replica that we got for my daughter's house at the Biltmore Estate gift shop in North Carolina.  It is very detailed and is a replica of one of the rugs in the mansion.  It measures 6" X 9".  Carolyn's Place

I purchased this handmade bear-skin rug on eBay a few years ago and have been saving it for my log cabin project.  The artist is Dorothy Hesner.  It measures 6" X 8"  

This rug was an eBay purchase - I like the gold thread in it.  It measures 6" X 10"

This large rug was also an online purchase.  I am planning on using it in the dining room of the cabin.  The flowers and vines seemed to be fitting.  It measures  10" X 12"

I do not remember where I found this rug, but it sits in the living room of my Strombecker Walnut Collection.  It measures 4" X 6"  

This bunny rug came with a wall paper kit and my daughter Carolyn picked it out for the nursery in her dollhouse.  It is printed on a fuzzy textured card stock and is modeled after a Beatrix Potter style.  5-1/2" X 3-1/2"

This rug has been one of my favorites for over 20 years.  It was clipped from an advertisement in an Architectural Digest magazine back in the 1980's.  Although it is paper, you cannot really tell when it is sitting in a room under some furniture.  It measures  6" X 9"

I am going to look at tobacco felt rugs in my next post.  Click here:
Cut A Rug Part 2


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  1. Troy,
    What a wonderful collection of rugs. I especially like the "bunny" rug. Can't wait to see the next set. I love rugs and always have many more than I can ever place anywhere.