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Monday, March 26, 2012

Metal Frame Furniture

I have had this table and chair set for a few years.  I believe it is part of the KAGE brand dating from the 1930's.  The chairs are 1"= 1'-0" scale while the table is a little smaller.

After photographing it with several different backgrounds, it seems it was easier to see the metal wire frames on a black background.  They are constructed of painted wood and wired frames.  The rest of my KAGE collection can be seen by clicking here.

I won these two green chairs in a box of items at an auction.  Most everything in the box was from Germany, so I assume the chairs are too.  I have not been able to find them in any of my books.  They have shiny chrome frames and the metal seats and backs are a textured and flocked with a nice green color.  The chairs are 1" = 1'-0" scale.  I suspect they are from the 1930's too, but would look great in a modern setting.  If anyone has any info on these chairs, please let me know!

 This pair of yellow chairs and aqua table are wood with wire legs.  They are from a company called Miniaform and date from the late 1930s.  They were sold with the large sofa and coffee table shown below.  This set is 3/4" =1'-0" scale.   I have a picture of this set in a 1939 catalog.  The picture in the catalog also shows a floor lamp.

I have this furniture in the "sun room" of my Playtown cardboard house which can be seen by clicking here.


  1. Nice collection of art deco Troy! Your green chairs are by Adda-Room Doll Furniture made by Huntington Industries of idea of date, but the box doesn't have a zip code. I have this set in blue with a chrome and "glass" table...and also a living room set with red sofa and 2 brown, one gold...and a round matching table. The sofa and chairs have a suede finish. A friend said he has also seen a bedroom set in this design...hmm, that would be a hard bed! Will try to do a post soon to link to your chairs! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Florine and thank you! I knew someone would be able to come through for me. I would love to see the other pieces in the set. Looking forward to your post. Troy

  2. Such a wonderful collection! Congrats! Love those types of furnitures!