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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Garbe House

I picked up this small 4 room miniature house at an estate sale today during my lunch hour.  It is 1" = 1'-0" scale.  The estate was a Tulsa family named Garbe.  Thus the name Garbe House.

The house came complete with all of it contents at an extremely reasonable price.  I almost felt guilty paying what they were asking, but I didn't set the price.

I like the greenery out front and the brass mail box.

 The house is electrified, but I could not get the lights to turn on - a project for another day.  The interior is kind of an eclectic mix with lots of Asian accessories.

 The kitchen table is set for two.

 I like the attention to detail, the wash cloth on the sink, the pans and canisters.

 Here is the plate shelf on one side of the kitchen

and the plate shelf on the other side.  I like the little glass vase and the Wedgewood.

 The living/dining area has a lot going on.  An Asian inspired table and chairs, a Victorian fireplace, and lots of plants and accessories.

 The upstairs bedroom has some more Asian accessories and a couple of tea sets.

 There are also a few needlepoint pillows on the bed and a porcelain doll.  An Asian style desk has some books, a framed picture and a working lamp.

 The bathroom is decked out in off the counter Victorian fixtures.  There are some nice accessories here too, mauve towels wash cloths, soap, plants, a framed picture and a brass ceiling fan.

 The dining room has a large open cabinet with a grouping of ceramic serving dishes and pewter plates and a stein.

 Here is a detail of one of the pewter tea sets.
 Some of the plants in the living room bay window shelf.

 The large needlepoint rug fills the entire living room floor and appears to be homemade.

 Here is a detail of one of the tea sets in the master bedroom.  It is sitting on a tarnished silver tray.

 Here are some of the Asian accessories.  The green vase with the dragon is marked "silver" on the bottom

 There were a few miscellaneous items that came with the house including a gift basket of wine and cheese wrapped in cellophane

The chandelier works, but was not attached to the ceiling.  If any of you know anything about any of the accessories or furniture in this house, I would love to hear from you.  I would also like to figure out if have anything valuable.   Comments are appreciated.


  1. Congratulations! :) Wonderful House with so Adorable details! You have done a fine purchase!

  2. Que bonito, que suerte de compra.

  3. I loved the details of the house. Nice shopping! The chandelier is wonderful! ;)

  4. Wow! What a great find!!!! I am so impressed with all of the details and furniture that came with the house! Maybe I should start "shopping" on MY lunch hour!

  5. Hello Troy,
    What a great find. The exterior of the house is beautiful. As for the inside, there are some wonderful pieces of furniture I've never seen before.
    VERY nice.
    All the best,

  6. Beautiful house.
    I also have the table and chairs that you put in the kitchen. I put them in the garden of my house.
    Bye Faby

  7. Hi Troy, what a great find!

    In Britain we might describe the house as Tardis-like, in reference to an old TV show (well it's still on TV today) where they have a time machine in the shape of an old police box, which looked tiny outside, but was huge inside. Your house looks just the same, small outside, but huge once inside!

    I don't recognise any of the furniture or other miniatures, The chinese vase is a lovely piece, and the handmade rug is a gem! The kitchen is very cosy!

    Good luck with the lighting!


  8. Estoy llena de envidia Ö
    Es una casa preciosa
    Una abrazo

  9. That's a lovely house, congrets. Sorry i can not help you. I absolutely looove that chandelier.

  10. Score! Hey I am loving your cool blog colors! Very smooth, CM