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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Recent Acquisitions

I have wanted an Arcade cast iron couch and chair since I started collecting.  I love the Art Deco influence and the curves of the arms.  It is fun for me to think about some small child playing with these back in the roaring 20's.  Out of frustration and after losing another an eBay auction bid on a couch, I started poking around online.  My basic search turned up the usual sites that I browse, so I decided to do an image search.
The image search brought up this living room trio for sale in a garden store in Illinois.  I could not believe my eyes.  I emailed the owner and made an offer.  He responded back with a counter offer.  
The heavy cast iron pieces are in pretty good shape for being  nearly 90 years old.
 Notice the trade-mark Arcade label on the side.  I will probably match the pink paint and touch them up a little.
 The front of both the chairs and the couch have burgundy colored accents
The chairs each have a removable cushion and the couch has 3 removable cushions.  The cushions have a textured surface and each piece is marked with the part number.

 These pieces are rare and don't come up for sale very often.  
When they do, they are usually missing the cushions or have a broken foot or leg.
The rest of my Arcade Cast Iron Furniture can be seen here:

You might also be interested in a an old childrens book I have that features this furniture!


  1. Very nice! I would leave them "as is" and use them in a shabby room. Great style and color! Congratulations!

    1. not sure if "rust" counts as shabby chic... hehe

  2. What wonderful furniture! I didn't even know that there were such treasures in cast iron! And Art Deco at that! You were very lucky to find them

    Enjoy your day

  3. Wonderful pieces! Each mini collector's dream! Thank you for sharing the link too!

  4. I had left a comment on your post, but it seems it's not "arrived"?? I said the same about this furniture as Kathi did. I thought rust is also shabby chic??? Don't mind me if I'm wrong....;)
    Kind regards, Ilona

  5. Really fantastic pieces. I had not seen these before. Is Arcade a brand or a style? Either way, fab pieces.

    1. Hi Tom, Arcade is a brand. They manufactured all kinds of cast iron toys, furniture for girls and vehicles and farm equipment for boys. eBay is a pretty good source to see what is out there. Arcade is no longer around.