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Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines Day On The Set !

 A Very Happy Valentines Day to my fellow bloggers !

I recently came across this book "ON THE SET" and its sequel "ON THE SET Take Two"
This book talks to me on a few different levels.  It is great to come across a fellow miniature enthusiast, and it is also great to see re-creations of the scenes I grew up watching on t.v.

ON THE SET Book Cover
ON THE SET TAKE TWO & Charles Brogdon
Charles Brogdon enjoys creating miniature t.v. studio sets.  In his first book, he has created miniature t.v. sets from:

Family Feud,  I Love Lucy,  Good Times,  The Love Boat,  Happy Days,  Seinfeld,  Mama's Family,  Empty Nest,  The Golden Girls,  The Young and the Restless,  Married... with Children,  Designing Women,  The Facts of Life,  The Brady Bunch,  Roseanne,  Three's Company,  The Price is Right,  Pyramid,  Alice,  Murphy Brown,  Cheers,  Laverne and Shirley,  &; Family Ties

In his second book he has re-created scenes from:

Charlie's Angels,  Friends,  Wings,  Keeping Up Appearances,  Family,   The Partridge Family,  Bewitched,  Pee Wee's Playhouse,  The French Chef with Julia Child,  BBC News
Fox New,  & The Facts of Life Down Under

There are quite a few photographs of his work and from the books at:


  1. Wonderful link! I've had fleeting thoughts of making a miniature restaurant like one I loved in Florida. I figured there would be some copywrite issues so I've not done it. YET.
    These sets are really cool.
    Thanks for sharing and "Happy Valentine's Day" to you and your family too!

    1. I remember seeing pictures a while back of a miniature Cheesecake Factory that someone was working on. It was really great and very detailed, even down to the booth design and light fixtures.

  2. I love me some twisted links!!! This is the best post EV-AH! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Troy!!!

    Oh, and happy VD, too.

    1. lol - thanks John. Glad I could help you out! The level of detail in his work is not quite the same as we are used to in the blogs, but it's kind of a unique style.

  3. Hi. Just found your interesting blog and joined to be your follower.
    Thank you also for that link, looks cool!
    Happy Valentine`s Day to You also!