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Monday, February 20, 2012

Displaying Miniatures

This is a cabinet that I purchased at a consignment furniture store about 5 years ago.  It has kind of an Asian feel with black lacquer and gold trim.  It has a light in the bottom under the frosted glass shelf.  The cabinet resides in the corner of our family dining room.  At first I used to display my Tynietoy collection in it.  Then when I found a home for my Tynietoys, I decided to displayed all of my dining room sets that didn't have "homes" yet.

 More recently, I started keeping my Stuart Library collection and a few other library pieces pieces on the lower shelf.  I will probably end up using these pieces in my Victorian house.  My Stuart pieces can be seen here:

The other side of the lower shelf also houses a few pieces that I will probably end up using in my Victorian House.  The light colored table and chairs, and cabinet for sure.  I picked up the light metal Victrola at an estate sale in Tulsa.  It says Spain on the bottom. I have my two Petite Princess floor lamps here for now.
 The upper shelf has a few miscellaneous pieces that I got in a box of items from an auction in England.  The red colored stain set has some chairs that I imagine in my dining room in my Victorian House.  I need to find a table and some other furniture that goes with them.  Any help would be appreciated!
I purchased the dining table on the left at a garage sale. They are all marked "Classics"  It is very nice and delicate and appears to be walnut.  I may end up selling it, its not really my "style"  I purchased the writing desk and tall wardrobe on eBay a few years ago.  I found the tall display case with the curved legs at a "State Day" event in Oklahoma City.  I like to imagine some expensive jewelry or find art in there once I find a home for it.  I have had the large tilt-top table in my collection for about 20 years.  I found it at a store called Zimms in Salt Lake City Utah.  The two glass covered cake dishes were from another auction in England.  I am waiting for something special to use them for.
I like the cabinet in the dining room.  Although it looks like a used furniture showroom inside, it is a good conversation piece and is one of the areas outside my miniature room where I display pieces. 


  1. Fantastic display of your collectables! I've been wanting a lighted curio cabinet to use like this. Yours is beautiful!

  2. Hello Troy,
    What a wonderful piece of furniture and such a great way to display homeless pieces. It looks great!
    All the best,