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Friday, October 18, 2019

Another New Project - The Farm House

On my morning jog last weekend, I saw this beauty at a garage sale.  I have seen some great variations on this plan recently and figured it would make a great farm house project.

The previous owner didn't get too far.

Our littlest dog Margot thinks it looks pretty great too!


  1. Ha ha! I can just see you jogging home carrying a dollhouse! Although this looks like a RGT Victoria's Farmhouse so I bet you came back with your car! :O)

    1. LOL - went back with my car - it was too small, then I had to get get my wife's SUV.

  2. Oh this'll be a fun project! Can't wait to see how you deal with the rooms and wiring since everything is already assembled. Or are you going to take it apart?

  3. OH your new Old House is definitely a keeper and a Farmhouse projects sound Ideal for it: I even love the colour! :)

  4. I like your new house, and Margot is adorable :-)

  5. Hi, Troy - A farmhouse project is a great idea - the porch will be perfect for sittin' and rockin' when the day's work is done.

  6. Lovely house and a fortuitous run! Have fun with this and post updates please!

  7. It just needs green gables and an Anne

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