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Monday, October 22, 2018

Recent Acquisitions

I came across some miniatures at a couple of recent estate sales.
The rocking horse is a "soft-metal" piece.  I'm not sure what it even is (perhaps a Christmas ornament).  At another sale, I came across this collection of pictures and vases- ceramic, glass and pewter.  The two center pieces are hand blown glass and the tiny yellow one is the smallest that I have ever come across.  The yellow glass measures about 1/8" wide X 1/4" tall.

This gives an idea of scale

The tiny yellow glass pitcher might work well with my TootsieToy collection?

The pewter piece might look good with my TynieToy collection ?


  1. Hi, Troy - You've discovered some beautiful pieces. The rocking horse is a treasure, and the pitchers have such pretty shapes and vibrant colors. The pitchers all look like special pieces, but I'm sort of partial to the dark yellow one and the large one with the stripes. Lovely. All of your collections are simply amazing!

  2. Wow! Great finds. That cobalt blue is just gorgeous. One of my favorite colors.

  3. Fabulous finds! I am in love with that little rocking horse.

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