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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Recent Acquisitions

I came across a great collection of antique dollhouse furniture at an estate sale.  There is kind of a mix of brands, different scales of Strombecker and Kage.  I think the bed on the right might be homemade?

The most exciting part of the find was a zip-lock bag full of tobacco felt rugs from the 1920's-1930's.  It was priced at $3.00!

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3/4" Strombecker collection 

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  1. oh Wow! Those rugs are gorgeous!

  2. Hi Troy! You find the most amazing things at Estate sales! The beds are both really cute and the tiny rugs are wonderful! I have a couple of those little rugs, I don't even remember where I got them from... but they really work well in the dolls houses! That is a fantastic collection!

  3. I have some of the wooden furniture in red. Not sure what I want to do with them. I did some research on the tobacco rugs. So sad to see some of them had confederate and Nazi designs on them.

  4. Que montón de maravillosas minis!!! esas alfombras son preciosas,realmente barato todo!!

  5. Hi, Troy - As usual, I'm so impressed with the variety and uniqueness of the items you find at sales! The rugs are wonderful - and I love that homemade bed. Thanks for another fun post.