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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Random Pictures

 I have a confession to make.  Ever since I got an iphone with a pretty decent camera, I have been taking all kinds of pictures.  Some of the pictures actually have to do with  miniatures and are the inspiration for some of my projects.

I came across this light fixture at Bass Pro Shop a while back.  I would like to model the light fixtures in the master bedroom of my cabin project after these.

These night lights were also at Bass Pro Shop.  I was considering some silhouette like this for the light fixtures I made for the stairs.

I cam across this light fixture at Outback Steak House.  I liked the look of it too and wondered if something like this would look good in my cabin project.

 These two tile mosaics are in the library near my daughters dance studio in Tulsa.  They are great inspiration.

I came across this loft on one of my lunch time estate sale runs.  I would like to incorporate something like this in one of my projects if not my next house !

These wall sconces are at a local mexican restraunt.  I was considering a victorian version in my victorian house ?

The ceiling was at another sale house.  ( I think this was the sale where I bought the small rocking horse ornament that I used on my glass bead Christmas Tree project)  I like the way that it was applied to the ceiling.

You guessed it - another estate sale find.  
This was hand painted on the door in an old house.

 This is the mural above the kitchen at The Cheesecake Factory.  It is huge - maybe 12' tall and 50' long.  I like the use of the bright colors.

This stair banister was also at an estate sale.  I didn't buy anything at this house, but I was truly inspired by this banister.  It was beautiful.  I could re-create this pretty easily in miniature with an autoCad drawing and a laser cutter.  


  1. Dear Troy,
    It's magical. To take pictures with your mobile. That's so easy and handy because you take your mobile everywhere.The camera is often used for holidays.
    My husband has a mobile. The first thing I wanted to know was how the camera worked on his mobile phone.
    Thanks for sharing and have fun making this things in a little version.
    I follow your progress.
    Hugs Dorien

  2. Nice photos! With your camera? Wow!

    I love that ceiling too and the banister is similar to the one that WAS in my Hall's (?) dollhouse. I still have it. Not sure what I will do with it? I will keep you in mind. :D

    Thanks for sharing your adventures. I really should go to some estate sales!

  3. I love those mosaics, they would make beautiful stained glass windows!

  4. ya know for those lights..a couple of ping pong balls ..some construction paper and a few LED lights ...bada bing bada boom! instant lights(course you'd need some beading wire and a few beads but what the hey?)

    you've also talked me into getting a knock off I phone for my husband, whats the worst he can do with it?

    Good luck with the lights

    Marisa :)