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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cozy Cabin Lights Cont.

 I had a little time this evening so I wired the lights and glued them in place.

  They are pretty bright!

I may have to put some opaque filter between the light and the 'glass'   

Whats next ?   

There is still a long list of items on the cabin:

The living room fireplace
The Master Bedroom fireplace
The dining room light fixture
The Master Bedroom light fixture
Finish the shingles on the roof
Build the front door
build the side door and install the screen door
create window treatments 
create bedspreads for both bedrooms
Finish the front porch
upholster the living room furniture
Put rocks around the base of the house
and of course keep my eyes out for more accessories. :)

I guess the list isn't that long!


  1. Las lámparas le dan una luz ambiental y acogedora a toda la estancia,perfecta!!!

  2. Dear Troy,
    I'm curious. Your lights are beautiful so I'm looking forward to the next items.
    Greetings Dorien

  3. Hello Troy,
    It seems long enough to me. The lights look terrific, even if a little bright. Your cabin has such a wamr, cozy feeling, and again I am amazed at how realistic it looks.
    Terrific work my friend.

  4. Great work with these lights! Love them. Evans Designs suggested painting the end of their LED bulbs with acrylic paint to decrease the brightness. May be worth a try? If not, don't worry. They look good just as they are!

  5. The lights look great! That list actually doesn't look too bad. I'm terrified to make my own list.

  6. Troy, I agree with Kathi, some paint on the bulb works. The lamps are fantastic work.
    I don't mention my list............;)!!
    Greetings, Ilona

  7. Hi Troy, I just love your cabin and am glad to see you prepping to finish her up. Your new lights are awesome...good luck with that list!

  8. Hello Troy!
    Wow! Your cabin is wonderful. I love the staircase and railings and the lights are a great addition. Look forward to more progress!