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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Recent Acquisitions - Cardboard house

I have added this 1936 Built-Rite County Estate to my collection

It needs a little work, I will need to replicate a few window boxes and awnings.

The graphics on the exterior are wonderful.  I am hoping to be able to remove the tape repairs at the base. (any tips would be appreciated)

 The wall inside the kitchen is a large cupboard complete with labels.

The walls on the interior are plain, but the floors are printed.  I like the rug between the two main downstairs rooms.

In other news, I came across a mixed bag of pieces at an estate sale, all plastic except for the wooden piano. 

The refrigerator and sink both still had the original cardboard on the back.  I have not come across this before!  I believe the numbers are the original prices.


  1. Que buenas adquisiciones!! La casa es preciosa!

  2. Those old cardboard houses are so neat to see! I love all the graphics and the throw rug to transition the rooms, too! I am glad it found it's way to a loving home, Troy!

  3. I'm always so impressed with the detail on the cardboard houses. That someone was careful enough that the house lasted in such good condition is wonderful. Great find!

  4. That little house is adorable! And it looks to be in great condition. Lovely!

  5. Aww that is such a cute house. I love the labeling on the kitchen wall - that is priceless.

  6. That house is so darn cute! You lucked up on the pieces!

  7. Hi, Troy - I love the intricate detail on the cardboard house. I'm surprised to see what great shape it's in, considering its age and the material it's made of. Another nice find!