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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Tulsa Miniature Club Project

Our local miniature club meets monthly and we started a new project this month.  
We meet at a local library and started the project there. 

Here is my project up to this point

This scene was the inspiration for the project.

Here was another project from the group

We used some textured cardboard for our bricks - it was actually the kind that a contractor puts down on the floor when doing remodeling.  One of the club members had a bunch left over.  First we painted the cardboard -I chose gray, most everyone else chose red.

I had an extra window that I decided to incorporate into mine.  
I stained all of the wood using a combination of wood stain pen and gel stain.

 The next step after the paint dried was drawing lines for the brick.  
I decided on 1/2" X 5/8" 

 Here is a stack of bricks ready to glue! I will be honest, this took a while.

 The two wall are made of foam board.  Make sure to draw on some guide lines.

 I did a soldier course along the top. and under the window.  All of the bricks are not the same size - it gives it a little more character.

 I drew guidelines of where the wood would be and infilled that area with bricks

 Here is a close-up.  Let the bricks over-hang the edges, then when the glue has dried, cut off the extra material.

 I used lightweight drywall spackling compound with a little bit of paint for some color to grout the bricks.

 It seemed to spread around nicely with a clay tool I had in my tool box.

 Here are the two walls complete

 Next, I glued on the wood and glued some wood on the floor.

 Here is the project up to this point.  My homework is complete until next month!


  1. Hi Troy! What a wonderful club project! Your bricks look great with the dark woodwork! I can sympathize with the time it takes to make and glue all the "bricks"....I did a lot of brick work for "The Folly" garden... and every time I think about complaining, I think about how the real buildings are built by the masons.... one brick at a time... and I am amazed we have any brick buildings at all! LOL! I look forward to seeing your project develop!

  2. I love how it looks. And you have my sympathy regarding the bricks as well. I love the stain on your window and beams too. Such a rich color.

    Can't wait to see more!

  3. Hi, Troy - This looks like an interesting project. I love the look of the finished brick walls, although that huge pile of cut bricks seems very intimidating. It reminds me of my boxes full of clay tiles waiting to be used. You've made a good job of laying the bricks, and I really like the grouting. I also like the contrast of the dark wood that you've used for the trim, etc.

  4. Fantástico, son una maravilla esas reuniones y hacer esos proyectos.feliz semana:-)

  5. Me encanta el nuevo proyecto y el aspecto que va tomando,has trabajado muy bien!!!

  6. Your brickwork looks very authentic Troy and I especially like the way you have switched up the patterns which gives them lots of visual interest.

  7. Hello Troy,
    This is such a lovely roombox. I love your grey brick paired with the dark wood floor and trim. The window is a lovely addition.
    Big hug

  8. The brickwork and floor look very authentic. Looking forward to seeing the next phase.


  9. What a great group project. I can tell that everyone must have had a very busy afternoon but the results were well worth the effort.
    The crazy-brick shapes in the roof line are a great feature.
    Look forward to seeing the interior decorating.
    Regards Janine