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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Refurbished Arcade Cast Iron Bathroom

I won this Arcade bathroom set not too long ago on ebay.  
It was in rough shape, but the price was right! ($12.95)

The pieces arrived individually wrapped in plastic with lots of rust and peeling paint.  Normally I would not advise removing original paint from antique toys, but these were in such rough shape, that felt they could only be better.

I have a friend with a sand blaster.  I brought the pieces over and sandblasted the rest of the paint and rust off.  This is how they looked afterward.  I also scrubbed each piece with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda and some steel wool.

This is the set after a few coats of cream colored spray paint - I also used a metallic silver paint marker to touch up the faucet and soap dish on the tub and the water faucets on the pedestal sink.  

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This set will reside in the Crescent Moon Cottage with my Tynietoy colletion.


  1. WOW!!!!! they all look FANTASTIC!!!!!
    you have given them a new life Troy :D


  2. Oh my! They look gorgeous! Can't wait to see them in their own setting.

  3. Impresionante cambio,gran trabajo!!!

  4. Great job. They look very new and very beautiful.

  5. You've done an excellent job on those pieces. They're beautiful! Good decision to do a makeover.

  6. Oh my goodness! These cant be the same pieces! Sandblaster...genius!