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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Recent Acquisitions

I have acquired a few new things here and there.

I found this Sonia Messer living room furniture on Ebay.  The rocking horse and mirror are Christmas tree decorations that I picked up at an estate sale.

As it turned out, a fellow blogger was selling the living room furniture and she recognized my name.  She was nice enough to throw in a few extra things and some missing parts that I needed on another project!

The pieces all still have the Sonia Messer Block House labels

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The rocking horse and mirror are both plastic, but look like wood

I am considering the hobby horse in my Kage house ?

The mirrow might work out in the Kage house too - 
I like it here or perhaps as a ceiling medallion?

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In other news, I came across this plastic dollhouse from the late 1970's.  As it turns out, it is the house that goes with the furniture I uses for my Star Wars figures in my youth.  
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  1. Unas compras geniales!!! el espejo es muy original y versátil,efectivamente puede funcionar también como plafón de techo!!!

  2. Wow! Good deal! I like the fabric on the sofa and chairs, a very nice figure. Mirror magical, incredibly beautiful! The horse looks very vintage.

  3. I'm glad everything made it there safely! Your other finds are pretty great too!

  4. Ohhh... so pretty! I love the mirror ornament... It would look great over a big fireplace with a vaulted ceiling... or a ceiling medallion in a fancy parlor... But you need a higher ceiling or it'll make everything feel really low.