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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Star Wars, Fisher-Price, & Tomy.. Oh My

I dug out my box of "Star Wars Furniture"  today.  During the late 1970's and early 1980's, these were my favorite toys.   I was a big Star Wars fan growing up and when I discovered that these furniture sets were the same scale as my Star Wars action figures, I had a blast.  I saved money from my paper route each month to purchase room sets from our local Montgomery Ward store.  I used pieces of wood as a base (from my old toy-box), and built many houses/space ships from my Legos, then furnished it.  It slid around just fine on our shag carpet floor.  You can read more about my toy-box HERE

Here we see Han Solo and Luke Skywalker relaxing in the living room.  The "smoke glass" tables and sectional sofa were pretty stylish for the day.  I used the black piece of rubber as a console table after rescuing it from my dad's mechanic shop.  

Here we find Luke being served by a Death Star Droid.  The stove, sink, fridge and table set are by Fisher-Price, the oven/microwave was by Tomy.  The cast iron high-chair is a Durham piece.  The plant was some plastic leaves that I glued into a toothpaste lid.  I really liked the antique style table mixed with the modern chairs.

The music room had a grand piano and a high-tech looking stereo with some big speakers for effect.  I had several "rugs" like the brown one shown here.  My grandmother would get clothing catalogs in the mail with fabric swatches glued-in.  She would save them for me and I would use them as rugs.

This Jawa character is in the green Fisher-Price bathroom set.

Luke is getting ready to take a snooze in this Tomy canopy bedroom set.  
I used the old brass drawer knobs as night stands.

Here is a vintage print ad for the Tomy furniture and house from the early 1980's
It was roughly 3/4"=1'-0" scale.  Both the Tomy furniture and the Fisher-Price furniture are made from plastic.  

Here is a vintage print ad from an early 1980's Montgomery Ward Christmas advertising the the house, furniture sets and people.  The house sold for $39.99, the furniture sold for $29.99 and the people sold for $7.99.  


  1. Hi Troy,
    This is a fun post. My grandsons are huge Star Wars fans and have similar action figures, but so far they haven't tried making the characters at home in my miniature houses. Yikes! That may be next.
    I like the way you mixed the store-bought furniture (bought with your own earnings!) with your "found" creations. What a neat kid - I'm glad your interest in miniatures is still alive and well.

    1. Thanks Marjorie, I think that once you are bitten by the miniature bug, it will always be a part of you.

  2. Hello Troy,
    What great pieces. The furniture is lovely! My husband is a huge Star Wars fan and collects figurines, so I'll make sure he doesn't see this post....the last thing he needs are more ideas.
    Big hug

    1. Yes, your Victorian Manor might get some unexpected guests !

  3. Hello Troy, super post. Suburbanizing Star Wars... Prinses Leia as a soccer mom ;p Saw the new star wars movie last weekend, great movie. Still the original movies can't be topped. gr. AM

  4. I can imagine the Jawa wasting too much water with that private bathroom..haha

  5. This is just amazing . I love your miniature works.Haha how fun!!!. You are amazing miniaturist!!! Love this blog!!!!
    My blog

  6. It is great to see the roots of your collection, and probably your career. I can imagine what fun you had with these figures and furniture. A whole world for you to explore and play in. Love it!