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Monday, February 1, 2016

Sears Vintage Kitchen Set NO.49-14135

While doing some organizing in the miniature studio, I came across a kitchen set that I had purchased at a flea market several years ago.  It was an old wooden miniature set sold my SEARS back in the late 1970's - 1980's and is 1"=1'-0" scale.

The box has a simple illustration of all of the contents.

Everything is still in its original packaging - straight from Taiwan

The furniture is all painted wood with paper decals on the dishwasher and stove.  The sink and knobs are metal.  It is pretty crude compared to today's standards.  
I found it interesting that the set did not include a refrigerator.

The decal for the controls on the stove is upside down!

While doing some research on the set, I came across a web site that has old Sears Catalogs  and found the kitchen set in a Christmas catalog from 1980.
The set is advertised as nine pieces and also included dishes and food and sold for $12.99.


  1. It is strange about the fridge! I like it - I like the light-coloured wood, and the interior views of the dishwasher and stove - and the striped wood chopping block, so of its time! A great find.

  2. Hello Troy,
    These are charming! I love how the furniture is somewhat boxy, yet the sink looks incredibly well made and detailed. It is a beautiful set.
    Big hug

  3. Wow, I think I have some of those pieces! Didn't know they were Sears' Thanks for sharing!

  4. Un conjunto precioso y fantástico la documentación que has encontrado,saludos:-)

  5. Love the decals. The shape suggests the manufacturer was whatever Town Square was calling itself back then, but I'm surprised at the inclusion of a dishwasher. That would have been such an advanced thing for a home to have back then.