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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Playsteel Colonial Dollhouse

While at an antique mall today on my lunch break, I came across the perfect "starter" home for my collection of plastic furniture.   Click HERE to see the pieces that I have collected so far.

The Playsteel Colonial dollhouse was manufactured by the National Can Corp. of New York and arrived on the market in 1948.  I don't know how much money this house sold for in 1948, but I was able to negotiate the price of mine to  just $17!

One of the things I love about old lithographed houses is the graphics and this house is not exception.  The living room has wood floors and a large area rug.  The paneled walls are white with some built-ins around the fireplace wall.  

The kitchen is bright yellow and red with a striped linoleum floor.

The upstairs has three rooms, this is the master bedroom in teals and yellow.

The nursery is decorated in pinks and pale blues and nursery rhyme characters.

My favorite room in this house is the bathroom.  It has a linoleum floor complete with fish and bubbles and mural of a majestic swan above the area for the bathtub.

No nursery furniture yet, in fact if you look close, there is only a twin bed - I guess it is a bachelor pad for now.


  1. Hi Troy - This is such a cheerful house. It's also one of the best I've seen of its kind; the graphics are amazing. I especially like the living room bookcases and that wonderful swan mural in the bathroom, but the bedroom curtains are outstanding as well. Good find. (Enviable find!) Your collection of furniture and accessories looks perfectly at home here.

  2. You really made this house a home! Great price! Most sellers try to sell these for much more because it is old. I have been trying to get a good mural like this up over a bathtub.

  3. Me gusta mucho la casa,se ve muy alegre y los paneles pintados están hechos con mucho detalle,te quedará preciosa!!!

  4. Magnifique saut dans le passé, cette maison est très originale et un bel écrin pour votre collection.

  5. Hello Troy,
    This 9is one of your best finds. the house is gorgeous and it is such a wonderful way to display your beautiful collection.
    Big hug

  6. Goodness, the furniture looks amazing in this house. What a find!

  7. You got a Playsteel in decent shape for $17?!? *faints*

    The furniture looks great in it, too.

  8. What a beauty Troy! I love the little lithographed dolls houses and you have a really nice one there, and for such a brilliant price too! A perfect backfrop for the plastic furniture. Celia

  9. I belive this is one of the few tin litho dollhouses with open windows on the sides. They made two exterior designs; the other one features a stone facade with blue details and is known as the "Bucks County" after Bucks County, PA, where Washington crossed the Delaware (I live near there).

    Very nice example! I saw one once in an antique mall, years ago, loaded with Renwal furniture. Wish I had bought it back then!

    1. Very interesting, Thanks for information. One of the things that I enjoy about this hobby is the history. Troy