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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Kage House Exterior

I had a little time today to work on the Kage House Exterior.

I covered the foam core with a textured grey paper.  I wanted a stucco look.  
I am debating on whether or not to draw some lines to make it look like stone ?

After the paper was installed I laid out the wood stained windows and decided that I didn't like the wood grain on the exterior, so I painted one side of them.  
The interior will remain wood. 

 The shadows that the windows cast on the interior were great!

 The interior is coming along nicely too.

This room below will be the library


  1. Me encanta la disposición de las vrentanas y puerta,te han quedado geniales!!!

  2. You're flying away with this build Troy. I love the light and shadow cast from the windows. Just beautiful =0)

  3. Hello troy,
    The structure is looking wonderful! The stucco effect looks quite nice and I just love the doors and windows.
    Big hug,

  4. Looking good! I love all of the windows and that arched french door is gorgeous!

  5. It looks great! The windows and door look even better in reality than in the plan. I like the stucco effect, and personally I wouldn't add lines to make it look like blocks of stone - at the moment it looks like brick or something covered with a good layer of stucco, so you don't see the structure underneath.

  6. this looks like a great project. I love the door, and the windows look good too.

  7. This is an inspiring project! I love the house great job!