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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

One More Tynietoy Chair

I purchased this Tynietoy Victorian chair towards the end of last year and it just arrived today and after a trip to my old address and back.  Oops!

The Victorian Chair was sold as part of 3 different room groups and it could also be purchased for individually as #229 Victorian Straight for $1.10 

I have posted some scans from the 1927 catalog for reference.  As pointed out on another website - A dollar may appear to be cheap by todays standards, but it 1927, it was also the price of hotel room for the night!

The rest of my Tynietoy Collection can be found by clicking HERE


  1. Hello Troy,
    The chair is great! I am happy it got there safe and sound. you really have a great collection.
    Big hug,

  2. It stresses me big time when a special piece takes a long time to glad this little chair made it to you safely! Your Tynietoy collection is really growing!

  3. It's lovely! So glad it made it safely to you in the end.
    I'm more familiar with the painted Tynietoy, so it's very interesting to see the catalogue list and images - thanks for sharing them!

  4. Oh wow, the same price as a hotel room. Your Tynietoy collection is really nice, but I didn't realize how high end they were until you pointed that out. Good to see the chair found it's way to your new place. XD
    I love seeing your collection grow, you know so much about it.