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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bernard Victorian House

I had the pleasure of meeting some distant relatives from Nebraska last weekend.  I was able to show her and her husband my miniature collection and they sent me pictures of a house they have have built.

Jess and Joyce have built this beautiful Victorian house from scratch!

Joyce noted that the needlepoint rug in the entry was from a friend.

The flowers on the coffee table came from Hawaii

The library is located on the third floor

 This photo shows the third floor nursery and covered porch

 One of the items in the collection is this tiny model ship in a case. 
A great idea for a future project.

This view shows the attic which includes the sewing room, a few misc pieces and how the house is wired.  We are hoping to go visit them this summer and see the house in person.  Thanks Joyce and Jess for the great project and the great photos.


  1. What are the odds of meeting distant relatives to find out they also have an interest in miniatures. The house is fabulous. Lovely exterior and I like the colour they have painted it. I also love the ship in a case.

  2. Wow! What a Lovely house! And built from scratch no less! I guess Mini-love runs in your family? LOL!

  3. ¡Guau! Es una casa preciosa! La fachada es una maravilla!

    ¡Un saludo!

  4. it's a great house my favorite room is that suspended bathroom, that looks fantastic!


  5. What a fantastic house....the layout is wonderful! Not only a work of love....but a work of art!