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Friday, November 16, 2012

Recent Acquisitions

 I have not posted in a while, but that doesn't mean that I have not been adding to my collection.  We still have our house on the market and a lot of it packed up and in storage which has really put a damper on our lifestyle.

 These very detailed musical interments are actually Christmas ornaments that I picked up at a local music shop.  A banjo, an acoustical guitar, a french horn and a trombone.

 They are part of the items I have collected over the years for a well stocked music room or perhaps a music shop.

 I came across these antique bundt or mold pans at an estate sale.

 The Strombecker walnut fireplace was a recent ebay purchase.  

 It was one of the pieces I have been watching for.  The rest of my 1" Strombecker walnut collection can be seen by clicking here.

My 3/4" Strombecker collection can be seen here:

 My wife and kids got me this Tynietoy wing back chair for my birthday.
The rest of my Tynietoy collection can be seen by clicking here.

 I was tipped off by a fellow blogger about these Lynnfield chairs on ebay.  They date from the 1950's and will look even better once I select a fabric for the seats.

This dressing table chair was part of the Lynnfield lot on ebay. The pewter plates and small chest with working drawers were discovered on a lunch break estate sale 


  1. What a wonderful birthday present! The Lynnfield chairs have lovely lines - great find, look forward to seeing more of them!

  2. Wonderful! Happy birthday!
    I like the musical instruments.
    Bye Faby

  3. Thanks Rebecca, Mad, and Fabi. I guess I should not post so late at night, I see my finger in a couple of the pictures!.

  4. Hi Troy,

    Yet again you have managed to find some great little pieces! The fire place is lovely and I really like those dining chairs! Just think how much joy you will have when you can finally unpack in your new home!!


  5. Hello Troy,
    You must have one of the greatest miniature collections ever! So many beautiful and incredle pieces. Happy belated birthday my friend, and good luck with the sale of the house, I'll keep my fingers crossed.