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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Antique Butcher Shop & Mercantile

I happened upon these great room boxes this weekend with my daughter - I agreed to accompany her to get some new ballet shoes and she agreed to accompany me to an estate sale.

The owner said that she picked them up when Antiques Roadshow was in town a few years ago.  An older lady brought them in for appraisal.  The set appraised for $1,800 and they discussed fees associated with trying to auction them off.  The couple behind her offered to buy them for $800 apiece so she sold them there.  According to the estate Another couple purchased the set today and plans to display them in their Victorian Style home in Beggs Oklahoma.  They were kind enough to let me snap some photos with my phone.  The green facade building is a butcher shop.

The back wall has a full array of poultry, meets and fish - and all of the tools you would need to cut and wrap and sell them to customers.

The window on the left hand side has a couple of boxes of fresh fish on ice.  The faux marble painted and gilding on the pilasters are pretty impressive with it's crackled, aged patina  finish.

The mercantile front is shown in this photo.  It included ice blocks out front and a horse and wagon around the corner.

Drawers and shelves lined the back wall.   The large coffee grinder sat on the floor.

I was impressed with all of the brands of box and canned goods and with the labels on the drawers.

An old fan, bottles, and steins sit on top of the cabinets, while baskets of fruits and vegetables sit on the floor.

The window on the right has baskets of fruits and vegetables and I couldn't tell what was under the glass dome.  The prices might help date the piece, unless they have been changed over the years.

The front window on the left had baked goods, breads, rolls,and buns.

There was a side window on the right which had a variety of items, a pipe, cigars, baskets of fruit and cheese under a glass dome.  

The delivery wagon has two horses that were actually covered in real animal hair.  The saleslady shared that the two boxes were part of a window display in New York City that came up for sale.  The family that bought the piece allowed their daughter to play with it on Sundays!  The detail and craftsmanship is exquisite.  My phone camera doesn't really do the pieces justice.


  1. You always find the coolest stuff, Troy! So, did you snatch them up...?

  2. Fantastic! So much detail, so many items ... I love the ice blocks out the front! How wonderful just to be able to see these close up - and thanks for all the photos, very good for phone photos!

  3. Thanks for sharing. What a nice pictures. And as John says: you do find cool stuff.Keep on shopping and sharing !
    Greetings Dorien

  4. Hi Troy,

    Thanks for sharing these great miniatures with us, they are both great pieces, with some lovely details, I would have loved to have seen them close up, but your camera phone has done a very good job in capturing the detail!! I love all those tins and boxes!!


  5. Wow, those are spectacular pieces!

  6. Hell oTroy,
    Awsome! Everything is just so beautiful and charming. Man do you know how to find amazing little gems or what!
    Big hug,

  7. Fantastic! I bet your daughter enjoys her outings with dad!

  8. Brilliant, I wish I had been there! The details of those pieces are fantastic. Now inspired to get on with my curiosity shop!