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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Strombecker Walnut Pieces

The Strombecker company Started producing 3/4" scale furniture in 1931.  In 1936 they started producing 1" scale furniture and in 1938 they introduced a new more expensive line of 1" walnut furniture.  I have collections of all 3 of these.

These are the pieces I have from the more expensive line of furniture.

I have had one of these chairs for a couple of years, but I was recently to find another side chair and an arm chair on eBay.  The seat is upholstered in textured leather.

The dining room side board features burled walnut panels in the working doors.  It also has two working drawings and was another recent eBay find.

I have had the table  and the original box for a while, but my dining room set is getting closer to becoming complete!

The table from the more expensive line, slides open to expand and accept a leaf.

I also have two round tilt-top tables and the "Governor Winthrop" secretary.

The grand piano is part of the collection too and can be seen by clicking here.

My 3/4" Strombecker collection can be seen here:

3/4" Strombecker collection

My 1" scale walnut Strombecker furniture currently resides in this Colonial Dollhouse by Rich.  The house dates from the early 1940's.  It is one of my projects that is "in-progress"  More on it later, but here is a sneak peak.


  1. This furniture is wonderful. I like the extension table.
    Kiss Faby


  2. Nice collection, Troy! Do these pieces have 'homes' yet, or are they waiting for a 1930's setting?

  3. Actually they do have a home. It's funny you asked that. I was going to put a link to the house and realized that I didn't have it on the blog yet. Its a large press-board house from that era - that needs a lot of work. I will snap a photo and add it.

  4. Hello Troy,
    What wonderful pieces. They really border on dollhouse/ realstic...They have a very realistic quality in some details, and in others they are very dollhouse furnitur. Beautiful.
    I can't wait to see more.

  5. Una maravilla de muebles. Un saludo, Eva