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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Recent Aquisitions

While I have not had much time for actually working on miniatures, I do still have my lunch hour during the week to find estate sales and garage sales.  I have picked up a few odds and ends over the past few weeks Including a bag of 3/4 scale odds and ends, a vintage marble top Ice Cream parlor type table and chairs, a pair of hand painted porcelain plate (earrings!) and a great 1" scale dresser.

I will salvage a few pieces from the bag of Strombecker pieces and see what I need to complete my collection.  I keep it in my Playtown Cardboard house which can be found Click Here.   The nightstand is new to me.  

I also have a collection of 3/4" stained wood furniture.  Click Here   The rest will probably end up on eBay!

This bow front dresser was a great find, it appears to be hand made.  I do not think it is a kit, because the wood is a lot heavier, but I could be wrong.  Any help identifying it would be appreciated.


  1. Que maravilla¡¡¡¡ lo que yo daria por entrar en un garaje de esos y rebuscar,enhorabuena por tu adquisicion,un abrazo.Rosa.

  2. Wonderful minis! You have such good luck finding things! Love this little dresser. :D

  3. Hello Troy,
    Another great find...Everything is lovely, but the dresser is great!
    Have a good weekend,

  4. Troy, I believe that the chest of drawers is a House of Miniatures kit. I have made a few over the years. That particular one looks like one of the display pieces that we used to see in stores as an example of how they looked when finished. You were very lucky to find it!

  5. Troy,

    The 9/15/12 post is correct! it is an HOM kit. In face, it is a Chippendale Serpentine Chest circa 1760, kit no. 40050 issued in 1979. I found the info online with this google search: house of miniaturs xacto kit identity list Yours is VERY well finished! It's beautiful!