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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Queen Anne Style

While in Eureka Springs Arkansas last summer we took a tour of a great restored Queen Anne style house. I found some great photos on a photographers website.
These will be another great resource for my Victorian house.

This historic Queen Anne Mansion was originally built in Carthage, Missouri. A century later workers dismantled it, board-by-board and stone-by-stone, marked each piece and put it back together on hill overlooking Eureka Springs.

Around the side, the area that used to be the screen porch, now houses a pretty great stair case down to the basement.

The front parlor is ornately furnished. Almost every room in the house has a different fireplace.

The round or oriel window in the front parlor is very beautiful. I would like to somehow incorporate this in one of my projects.

For the most part, the furniture was the focal point of most of the rooms. There was not a lot of wallpaper used in the restoration.
The tour guide explained that the amount of carving and woodwork in the entryway showed a family's wealth and status. As you can see from the picture and inset, the entrance hall was very ornate.

This picture shows how they decorate part of the house for Christmas - pretty ornate by today's standards, but not how it would have been done back in the 1800's

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