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Thursday, December 1, 2011


As we move into cold December, I selected a few fireplaces out of my collection to warm you up!

This fireplace is in the four seasons room box that my daughter and I made a few years ago.  I believe it was a an old Shackman fireplace that we painted to match our turn of the century winter room.  the fireplace accessories are Shackman as well.  We lined it with miniature bricks.  We hung a Currier and Ives print above the fireplace that we cut from a Christmas card.  The stockings were a gift from my friend Ellen at the Tulsa Miniature Club. (click on my Seasons link to see the rest of the four seasons box)

I came across this plaster-like fireplace at an antique mall a few years ago.  It is off white and the fireplace insert has a copper finish on it.  The bottom is stamped Braxton Payne, N.A.M.E. Houseparty, St. Louis 1981.  A google search shows that there are still Braxton Payne items available online.  It is one of the items I have been collecting for my Victorian House.

This  faux-marble fireplace with gold gild is from Reutter Porcelain. It features a built in log basket.  It is another item I have been collecting for my Victorian house.  It came with a few little odds and ends to place on the mantle.

This stained wood fireplace with an oval mirror came in a box of miniatures that I purchased in an auction from England.  It is nicely finished, but not very deep.  I will probably cut a hole in the stained wood that is supposed to be the firebox or at least paint it black.

I am not sure of the maker for this fireplace.  It is painted wood and the "brick" section appears to be lithographed or printed on heavy cardboard.  I am using this fireplace in my 1" scale walnut Strombecker house until I can find the Strombecker fireplace that goes with the set.  I like the proportions of this fireplace and the brass painted andirons.   (click on my Strombecker link to see my Strombecker collections)

This simple fireplace was in the Crescent Moon Cottage house when I bought it.  I have left it there for now.  The house is the current residence of my Tynietoy collection.  The fireplace is painted wood construction and has a light inside it and some wires on the back.  I am not sure of the maker or what effect the light would have. (click here to see the Crescent Moon Cottage )

Both of these fireplaces by KAGE have the same printed cardboard wood and flames, but have different wood trim on the sides and one features a stained wood mantle while the older one is completely painted white.  Both log baskets are by KAGE as well.  (click on my KAGE link to see the rest of my KAGE collection)

This Tynietoy fireplace is all wood construction and has painted bricks.  The white paint has a nice aged crackle finish on it.  I was surprised that the back of the firebox is just a black piece of cardboard.  The brass hooks on the side are original and are to hold the fireplace equipment or a broom.  (click on my Tynietoy link to see the rest of my collection)

This Tynietoy fireplace was at a local antique store and included the fireplace tools, the andirons and the basket and wood.  The all wood fireplace is painted to look like marble.  The painted wood candlesticks on the mantle are by Tynietoy as well. 

This was a Houseworks Monticello fireplace that I purchased many years ago and was my first attempt at a faux finish.  Its a little busy! 

This fireplace is in a large book that opens to display a room box. I purchased it at an antique mall in Stillwater Oklahoma.  It is painted to look like marble and is very ornate.  The room box has lots of nice details, wood floor, base, chair rail, crown molding - More on it later!
These are some vintage fireplace accessories that I have collected over the years.  The andirons and the fireplace tools are by Shackman and still have the original boxes.  The shiny brass fan folds up.  The fireplace screen is a punched piece of brass that has the screen portion pained black.
My daughter and I made and painted over 100 of these fireplace for a miniature show that our local club hosted a few years ago.  We made them from cardboard and the mantle is made from wood.

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  1. Beautiful collection of fireplaces! I love especially the one that opens to display a roombox in a large book. never seen anything like this.