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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Recent Acquisitions

On days when work is not too crazy, I like to go to estate sales during my lunch hour.  I am fortunate to live in an area of the country that had a lot of wealth during the 1930's - 1980's.  Recent estate sale finds include the wooden trunk and and wooden tray shown above, both have "Sonia Messer Imports" stickers on the bottom.  At another sale I came across this mini souvenir plate of the Wrigley building in Chicago - It even has a small brass plate holder.  After a little internet research, I discovered the building used to be the headquarters for the gum company by the same name.  Other finds have been this homemade hooked rug and the stately plant stand.

At another estate sale I came across this tiny handmade croquet set.  It is pretty small, just under 2 inches tall.  Even the balls are handmade, maybe from paperclay?  This would be a good miniature club or tutorial project.

I purchased this Tynietoy grand piano at an auction.  I already had the piano bench so it was destiny that they were finally able to find each other.  It needed a little work.  It was missing most of it's ornate music holder, but I was able to create a pattern and have a friend cut a new one on his jigsaw.  I also had to create the paper keyboard - I did it in autoCad.

I won this shabby chik Tynietoy bed on eBay.  It's original finish was stained wood and at some point it was painted, but it kind of looks great with the stained finish visible at the worn areas.  I think this bed will make a great "daybed" piece in the Cresent Moon Cottage attic.
My Tynietoy collection can be seen by clicking here:

I was able to win this clock on eBay as well.  It belongs to the Goebel Miniature Stuart Library.  The rest of my collection and the history of the library can be seen here:

I came across this wardrobe at a local antique store.  I have no idea on the age, it is hand carved and made from walnut and possibly cigar box parts.  It is a great 'folk art' kind of piece.  The shop owner said it came in with a bunch of things left over from an estate sale.

The doors have handmade hinges made from wire and possibly cigar box parts?  It looks like there used to be some sort of working latch mechanism.

Even the sides are nicely detailed.  It is a little larger than 1"=1'-0", but seems to display nicely with that scale of furniture.  I guess the old adage is true, one person's trash is another peron's treasure.  I keep trying to convince my wife of this, but she isn't budging!

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