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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hall's Lifetime Toys finds

I recently added a few pieces to my Hall's Lifetime Toy collection and decided to snap a photo or two with some different wallpaper and flooring.  I really like the lines of the living room furniture, kind of a cross between art deco meets mid-century modern.  The T.V. is totally 1970's and we had a similar one when I was a little.   I think with some cool artwork on the walls, this room will look really great.

The dining room set is all wood and has corner cabinets.  I wonder if the Hall's company was inspired by the Tynietoy company, because they seem to be a modern take on the 1920's version.

Here is the corner cabinet from my Tynietoy collection for comparison.

The canopy bed is all decked out in a harvest gold colored nubby silk fabric.  My sister had a similar yellow ruffle bedspread back in the 1970's.

I like the simple lines of the kitchen items. I also like the splatter pink and gold "Formica" looking contact paper that is on the both the counter top and the front of the fridge.  I do not know if it came from the factory this way or was added by a later owner.  Note, the chairs are exactly like the dining room ones, except painted white.

The blue bedroom furniture is also simple and sturdy.  The rocking chair looks pretty clunky compared to the other pieces.  This is the original floral bedding that came with the set back in the early 1970s.

I was fortunate enough to find a complete bathroom set, including the original furry bathroom rug.  I like the textured wood on the front of the clothes hamper, another item, that reminds of our clothes hamper growing up.

The baby nursery is all painted a flat pink color and has a decal of little lamb on both the crib and the play-pen.  This set also came with its original bedding, and a clothes hamper. 

There is a red cushioned living room set with a couch ( which I don't have yet) and a wing back chair.  There is more to the chair than meets the eye.  It actually has some pretty cool angles. 

Most of the furniture is very sturday and built from veneered plywood.

I would like to find a Hall's Lifetime Toy's dollhouse to house all these pieces, but until then, I will make due with a vintage 1970's house I have had my eye on, on eBay.  A Hall's house recently came up on eBay, but it was too pricey for me.

 I came across this bathroom with a double sink at an estate sale

 This avocado green kitchen is in great shape.

This pink nursery set is a a duplicate that I will be selling on ebay - if you are intersted, let me know!


  1. I have the mirrored dresser, the chest of drawers and the wardrobe. All draws and doors work the chest of drawers has the metalic label. I found the mirrored dresser online but can't seem to find out any info on the other pieces

    1. There is some info about the Hall's pieces in Diane Zillner's book. Send me a picture and maybe I can help you out. My email is

  2. No idea how to do this. Have come into a good bit of Hall's toys in good to bad shape I neeed to sell them. Where can I find prices that are ok ? I can do a list of items. IhaVE WHOLe bath ( no rug) and then several perts of other rooms - but I don't think any other full rooms. thank you for help


    ps. I make room boxes. dress 'manequins' for the rooms - use 1" - 1' measure. Love this !! m hardin

    1. Hello,

      I would suggest ebay. There are a few pieces here and there. You have to type in "Halls Lifetime furniture" There are a few pricing guides, like Diane Zilners book, or I would be happy to help you - email me at tulsatinystuff@gmail. Troy

  3. I have the colonial house with upstairs veranda

    1. I would love to see pictures - contact me. Troy