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Thursday, December 23, 2010

J & E Stevens Co. and More Cast Iron

This is my J & E Stevens Co. cast iron Victorian parlor set.  I have not found a home for it yet.  It has been sitting in bubble wrap in a box on a shelf.  I like to get it out every once and a while and study it.  It is pretty crude, yet made to look intricate like the carved wood furniture of the time.  Maybe a room box?  The pieces were produced in Connecticut and date from the late 1800's.

I have two of these Victorian Settees from J & E Stevens.  They are cast iron and measure about 6-1/2" long.

This is a J & E Stevens Co. Victorian Parlor chair and ottoman

These are J & E Stevens Co. parlor chairs and measure 4-1/2" tall.

I have a few of these J & E Stevens Co. Victorian tables.  They measure 3" tall.

This parlor chair was a recent ebay find, to help complete my collection.

This cast iron baby cradle is similar to the Stevens cradle that date from the mid 1800's.  It is not marked so I do not know if it is one or not.

This is a tall cast iron grandfather clock.  I do not know much about it and I have not been able to find it in any of my research yet. 

This pot belly stove is labeled "Flying R Ranch" on the removable 'griddle' on the top.

I picked up this pot bellied stove at an antique store a few years ago.  I have no idea on the age, but I suspect it is probably a reproduction piece from the 1970's.

This cast iron stove is marked "ROYAL" on the door.  It was an ebay purchase and I believe at some point it was re-painted.  It has gas controls so it probably dates from the 1920's or 1930's.


  1. Great blog! I've included it on a site I've created, which is a compilation of some of the best blogs in the city.

    Best of Blogs Tulsa

  2. That is very interesting. I have never seen the grandfater clock before. I have the parlor set and keep it in my Italianate Victorian house. I think it is a very handsome set. Cheers, C

  3. Love the stove. Wish I could find on in quarter scale. You have a great collection here. :D

  4. I have a few pieces like this from a gagage sale.

  5. I have a chair, foot stool and a coal bucket with a scoop that I don't see in your collection...had I known these were so old I could have gotton one of the pot belly stoves but passed it up!!! I love your blog!!