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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Recent Acquisitions

I stumbled across these 1:12" pieces at a local antique mall.  There were several shelves of vintage miniatures.  (and it took a lot of will power) I selected a few pieces to use in my victorian house that I have on the drawing boards.

I purchased this vintage gold and red velvet wallpaper a while back at a local miniature show garage sale.  I decided to dig out some of the other items that I have been saving for the victorian house to see how they looked together.  I need to find some big ferns?

I also found a bag of these plaster bracketed window sills and arched window head trim pieces.  I figured I could probably use them on something and purchased them and brought them home.

When I got home, and to my surprise, I noticed that they fit perfectly on the laser cut windows that I made for my Kage house!

The problem is that there were only 10 sets and the Kage house has way more than 10 windows, so I may try to find some more or try to make a mold and create some more!

To see my Kage collection click HERE
 Or click on the Kage Tag over on the right

This piece reminds me of my Tynietoy collection because of the hand painted designs and  it will probably end up with that collection.  The interior of the cabinet is painted a bright blue and has a 'porcelain' sculpture of some birds. 

To see my Tynietoy Collection click HERE

I also found a couple of miniature dollhouses also.  They both have roofs that are hinged and the yellow one on the left  has a front that opens up.

I also found another Willit's Take-A-Seat chair to add to my collection.  This one is called Art Nouveau and is based on a chair design from around 1900.

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  1. Son unos muebles muy bonitos!!!

  2. Superbes acquisitions et heureuse surprise de voir que les décorations de fenêtre vont avec votre maison;-)

  3. Las adquisiciones que has comprados son fantásticas, la vitrina pequeña pintada a mano es una verdadera joya.Feliz fin de semana:-)

  4. Hello Troy,
    Once again I am always amazed at the fantastic pieces you find. The window trim is terrific and I think molding it would be a great idea. Your collection is lovely, but I must say the hand painted piece with the bird figurines and the corner stand in the second pictures are my favorites.
    Big hug

  5. You certainly have the nose for sniffing out Vintage miniatures and knowing exactly what will work with what.
    Your Victorian house sounds like it is going to be a Epic project, however it appears that you already have a good start on it so keep it going!


  6. Wow! Gorgeous window trims... hope you can work something out for the additional windows.

  7. Hi, Troy - Wonderful finds! I love that hand-painted cabinet, and the window trim pieces are perfect. You do have an amazing knack for finding special treasures to add to your collections.

  8. Wow! Troy, you found wonderful things! I love this combination of elegance and solidity. It's beautiful! Congratulations!