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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Recent Acquisitions

I came across a few antique miniatures at a recent estate sale here in Tulsa.  I waited until the final day when items were marked down 65%

There is quite a variety everything from Strombecker to Kage, Tootsietoy and few vintage pieces and an antique bentwood table too!

To see my Kage collection click HERE

My painted Strombecker collection is housed HERE

My Tootsietoy collection can be found HERE

My Thonet Bentwwood parlor set is found HERE

I also recently found the sideboard and cabinet that I have been looking for.  
These pieces are by Arcade and complete the dining room set.  
I have been looking for a couple of years.

Arcade made cast iron dollhouse furniture in the 1920's & 1930's.

To see the rest of my Arcade Cast Iron collection click HERE


  1. Hello Troy,
    I'm glad you found such great miniatures, but especially happy you got the sideboard and cabinet. It is a wonderful set.
    Big hug

  2. Hello, Troy - Your new acquisitions are great; I'm partial to that little smoking stand. The Arcade cabinet and sideboard are beautiful. I've been looking through all your collections; they're amazing! I especially like all the kitchen appliances. Thanks for sharing your new things and for adding the links so that I could see the others. I've spent a pleasant half hour.

  3. Hey Troy, great additions to your amazing collection. It must have been a great feeling to get the complete dining room set after years of searching. gr. AM