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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sonia Messer Imports & The New Project

I came across these 4 pieces at an estate sale.  The mirror is in great condition and is labeled Shackman on the back.  The brass bench reminded me of the house I built with my daughter several years ago and thought it might work in the bathroom there. All that it needs is a padded cushion.   To see Carolyn's Place click HERE.

The gold velvet chair and sofa are Sonia Messer pieces from the 1970's.  It was part of a collection called the Queen Anne English Deluxe Living Room.  All of the pieces were carved from walnut and were manufactured in Columbia.

As you may have noticed, the sofa is missing a few pieces.  After studying the chair for a while, I realized that it had all of the pieces that I needed for the sofa.

 Both the chair and the sofa contain the original Sonia Messer Imports stickers on the bottom.  They also have the price tags.  The chair was $26 and I can't make out the one on the sofa.  Today they both retail for about $50-$75 each.

Several years ago I came across both of these Sonia Messer pieces.  The trunk and the serving tray are both 1"=1'-0" scale and as with all Messer pieces, they are made from Mahogany

This photo shows the tags on the bottom of the tray and trunk

These are two other pieces of Sonia Messer furniture that I have in my collection.  
They are in the Garbe house which you can see by clicking HERE

The Project

 So I began the project.  I am carefully removing the arms and legs from the chair and I am going to reproduce them.  I have been reading up on making molds to reproduce small objects.  Once they are duplicated, I will re-assemble the chair.

A dry fit of the arm and support on the sofa were a near perfect  fit! 

These are the pieces that I removed from the chair that I will need to duplicate.  
The left and right arm and support.  I will need 3 of the carved claw foot legs, and just one of the tall back legs.

Wish me luck!


  1. Que estupenda adquisición!! Los muebles son geniales y muy bonitos,has hecho un gran trabajo con el sofá,ha quedado perfecto!!!!

  2. Has encontrado un tesoro y más teniendo otros para completar la colección, suerte con la reproducción:-)

  3. These are great pieces, but what an ambitious undertaking! I'm glad that you're doing the repairs/replacements - it'll be well worth the effort. I do wish you luck! I hope you'll show us the "after" photos.