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Monday, June 22, 2015

Recent Acquisitions

I have found a few interesting miniature accessories recently at some local estate sales.

This handpainted 1" tall piece is all ceramic in a brown vase
I found the makers mark online it is Campodimonte from Italy

I could not find this mark online but it is also about 1" tall and made of wood

This piece is marked Austria and also stands about 1" tall

 This "basket & flowers" is make from sea shells and is not marked

The basket and flowers is also ceramic and is not marked.  It stands 1" tall

The buffet is an x-acto kit from the 1980's.  It has working doors and drawers.  I believe the tray is a lead piece that has been painted.  The pewter mask caught my eye.  It measures about 1" across.  There was a whole dish of them.  I am not sure where I will display it - Any ideas?


  1. Hello Troy,
    I never find anything like that at sales here!!! Wonderful purchases. I must say every piece is lovely, but I adore the buffet. It is beautifully finished.
    Big hug,

  2. YAY Accessories!!!! Wonderful. CM