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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kage House

I have been looking for a house for my Kage collection for a long time.  This particular collection of furniture has been patiently waiting in a box.  Part of the challenge is that this furniture is 3/4" = 1'-0" and there are not a lot of houses built to that scale.  I found a couple of new pieces of furniture on Ebay the other day so I decided to take it all out and see what I had.  A few of these pieces are from my Great Grandmother's house and probably what got me interested in architecture, interiors and miniatures.

I divided the furniture into logical rooms: kitchen, living room, library, dining room & bath.  I have enough furniture for 4 bedrooms and a few pieces that I could use in halls or a music room. ( yikes! 12 rooms!)

 I decided to do a sketch and see just how big a house might need to be to accommodate this collection.  At first I was thinking a smaller house that I could hang on the wall.  I laid out the furniture and figured out how large to make rooms and how far apart to place the windows so that I could still place furniture in between.  I came up with a 3 story layout with a central hall.  I dont think I will have room for stairs because it is only 8" deep.

( You can see my Kage collection by clicking here )

I did a little research and found some Art Deco inspired doors and windows that would be appropriate for the time period on Pinterest, and drew a few in AutoCAD. 
Let me know which ones you like!

Here is what I have come up so far.  Probably a little more traditional that I was first imagining, but I want the "house" to be a back drop for the furniture collection.  My next step will be to take the CAD files to the laser shop and cut some out.   I will keep you posted.

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  1. The House looks very promising! I*ll be waiting to see it in progress!