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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Recent Acquisitions

I have picked up a few treasures recently at local estate sales and the flea market.

A brass stand with toothpick swords, a wing back chair, a wooden table and chair, a cast iron dog and a couple of ceramic thimbles.

I figured the swords would look great in my Victorian house.  
This vintage piece is marked Spain.

This wooden table and chair has some great hand painted apples and is signed "Houser"
It looks like it is from Germany.

I figured that the cast iron dog could stand watch over my Arcade Cast Iron collection.
The container of tiny people might end up as toy accessories in one of my houses.
The ceramic thimbles will most likely end up somewhere as an accessory.

This chair was actually in a bin of free toys at a flea market.  It is plastic and marked Spider Man on the bottom.  It has a place for batteries, but I cant figure out what it does?it is about 1" scale and I figured I could either paint it or  re-upholster it? 

Food for Thought -
I came across this old vacuum at a local antique mall.  It is marked Germany and I was interested until I saw the price. ($65.00)  I will think about it.


  1. Some great finds there Troy. I really love the table and chair. The Spiderman chair intrigues me. Quite an elegant looking chair for a merchandising gimmick. I think the cast iron dog will do a grand job of guarding your Arcade items.

  2. Hi! You sure do have good markets and fleamarkets over there! Wonderful finds!

  3. Ha ha ha the Spiderman chair is a riot but so handsome! Maybe it will eject some poor antique doll into the sky some day. You just never know with miniatures...CM