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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Estate Sale Dollhouse

I came across this dollhouse at an estate sale this week.  I did not purchase it, but I may go back later in the week and see if it is still there.  This company typically marks down prices by 25% each day to move the inventory out.

I liked the straightforward clean lines, and the attention that someone had paid to the small details.  The house definitely needs some attention, the floors are a little warped and the plywood is starting to de-laminate in a few spots.  The front face is removable - it is on the floor to the left.

 The windows were in pretty rough shape, but each still had its original curtains.

The kitchen still has a few items left by it former tenants.  It had a great linoleum floor complete with colored borders.  The wainscot was also made from linoleum.

I am guessing the bathroom had been remodeled at some point.  Real tile was used on the floor.

The living room has a great fireplace.

Here is a view of the entry hall and the stairs.

I was fascinated by the shingles.  They were pieces of wood cut so that you could see the grain, and stained all different colors to give the appearance of slate.

Around back there was a switch for the lights and a hidden door into the attic which concealed the transformer and all of the wiring for each room's light fixture.

each set of wires of carefully laid out and labeled.  I am guessing the house is from the 1940's - possibly earlier. If you have any ideas, I would be interested to hear them.


  1. I hope you are able to buy it, that house is just wonderful.

  2. Nice! I say go back and get it, but still expect a reduction! :-)

  3. Lovely old house! I'm not sure they made plywood much before the forties... that might help you to date it! I have always wanted to use real linoleum in a dollhouse! I hope you do get it..... it deserves a loving home!

  4. Hello Troy,
    It is beautiful. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you get it. I know you you would fix it up beautifully.
    Big hug,

  5. Hey Troy, The house would make an amazing DIY renovation project. I like the roof, especially the different coloured stained shingles.

  6. The house has a lot of potential. I like the linoleum floor and the roof.

  7. I am just imagining how grand it could be again if it is lucky enough to find its' way to your home! Fantastic roof!

  8. HOW WONDERFUL!! What a great roof and the fireplace and the staircase are really, really good! I hope that this house will eventually find a good home soon. It is FULL of possibilities and potential. Good Hunting, Troy. :D


  9. creo que encontró una casa muy interesante y no debería dejarla escapar, restaurar algo así tiene que ser muy gratificante.
    un abrazo

  10. I agree that the living room has a great fireplace! Nice house!