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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Recent Acquisitions

I have picked up a few things recently at estate sales.  These pictures and picture frames were actually at different sale.  The metal frames with the decorative bows are actually metal pins that could be worn.   The middle frame has a stand and is metal also.

The "portraits" are plastic and have a convex plastic dome over each of the images.  I will have to figure out who the images are.  If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.  Perhaps they are some type of ornaments?

I also came across this unusual rectangular tray with plates and mugs.  Most of the paint is missing, but each used to have a red border.  I have not yet decided it if will take it the rest of the way off, or restore it.  The tray measures about 1 inch by 3 inches.  It is porcelain and not marked.


  1. Great finds! I like that tiny tray. Looks like something used for room service from a fancy mini hotel. Those pictures and frames had a lot of potential!

  2. You have a great eye at these sales Troy. Don't suppose I could borrow you when I go miniature hunting? =0)

  3. Muy bonitas adquisiciones,los marcos son preciosos y la pequeña vajilla genial!!

  4. Troy, the frames are wonderful. It's a little hard to see the portraits. I am assuming that there aren't any identifying marks on them. From what I can see, the clothing looks to be early to mid 19 th century. The lady in black looks familiar. Great finds!

  5. These are so cute. I love the portraits. Do you know which house(s) you will put them in?