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Sunday, March 16, 2014

1940's Rich Colonial Mansion

I had some time this weekend to work on my 1940 Rich Colonial Mansion.  Some child long ago had some fun with circus stickers that I have been wanting to remove and the cellophane windows were long since gone as well.

The ad below from 1942 shows the house for sale for $15.  The ad photo also shows a lantern hanging on the porch.  The porch is what originally drew me to this house.  I love the large white round columns.

 I was reluctant to use chemicals, but the interior of this house is in pretty rough shape anyway.  I applied the chemical with a rag, let it sit for a few minutes and the old tape and stickers scraped right off.

I ordered a sheet of vinyl stickers to re-create the windows from a local vinyl sign company.  I ordered a couple of extra just in case!

 I applied the stickers to some sheets of clear mylar, then peeled off the backing and cut to a size that would allow for overlap and glue inside the house.

 I glued the new windows in place.  Up next I plan to apply some wallpaper, baseboards and window coverings.
 The porch has a red and white lithograph pattern that looks like tile.

 The floors were painted over at some point, but originally contained flocked rugs painted on the floors. Green on the first floor and light blue on the second floor. The stair banister lithograph is pretty detailed.

I put some black and white scrapbook paper with a checkerboard pattern in the kitchen.  It is a lot cleaner and crisper than the original floor which is also black and white checkerboard.

 The house has great graphics.

The house is currently where I keep my 1" Strombecker Walnut collection.  It can be seen by clicking HERE

My 3/4" Strombecker collection can be seen here:


  1. I love redoing houses too. Have fun!

  2. Love the graphics and the grand porch.

  3. Beaucoup de travail mais une belle réussite,cette maison est magnifique!!

  4. Troy, love the house. It is perfect for your furniture. Go carefully and soon it will look just like it did in the forties.

  5. Hi Troy. I love these Rich and Keystone dollhouses. I have a few of them, but not this one. I am curious as to how you ordered the window stickers. Did you send the sign company an image, or specifications for the window reproduction. I have a few houses that are in need of replacement windows, or other graphics.
    Thanks for sharing. Yours is one of my favourite blogs.

    1. I know that guy at the sign company. I gave him the dimensions I wanted and told him how big to make the mullions etc. I can put you in contact with him if you like ?

    2. Thanks Troy. I will take a look at my houses and see what I need. I'll send you an email once I figure it out.